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Is WordPress not enough secured for online shop?

Does Wordpress get many hacking access? Yes. one of my WP web sites gets sometimes two hundreds of unknown login-attempt access from over the world in a day at most. Whenever unknown login-attemps occur, WP send alert email to the owner's account. And some of these successfuly loged in as admin user? The answer is no. If one hacker had a his (or her) lucky day, would the one steal your credit number info from WP website? Online payment plugins used in WP like paypayl, stripe(Saas) don't save that critical infomation on the WP server so hackers can't get your credit number from WP website.

Do social media bring good effects in SEO?

Yes. Create your contents on Youtube, Twitter then set the links of these on your website. You can expect more visitors to your website by doing this.



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